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Tuesday Talks | Lauren Robertson | Mediums: Allies of Science in the Search for Consciousness| Online

11 October, 2022.7:30 pm-9:00 pm

Mediums: Allies of Science in the Search for Consciousness

Lauren Robertson

11th October 2022| 7.30pm until 9.00pm  | £6 | Online


Just how effective are mental mediumship readings at proving survival of consciousness after death? Can mental mediumship sittings be resilient against the harshest of criticisms, and demonstrate something authentic – something worth taking seriously – at their core?


Lauren Robertson is a mental medium with two decades of experience. In this critical analysis, she will take the strongest possible sceptical stance and attempt to debunk two of her own sittings.


She will begin with the assumption that the instances of accurate information in her sittings are caused by accidental or intentional tricks and illusions, and can be explained away neatly by non-parapsychological, everyday causes.


She will then explore alternative parapsychological explanations; namely, the criticism that the impression of a spirit communicator is only synthesized from various kinds of psi between the ‘medium’ and sitter/s. Since no spirit communicator is necessary to account for the information, the information does not prove a spirit communicator, no matter how accurate it may be.


Can any aspects of these sittings survive the onslaught to show the presence of a spirit communicator? And if so, what clues can be gleaned about the afterlife, the properties of consciousness, and the true nature of human connection?



Professor Christin Fergusson talks about the Land of Mist at the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre

About Lauren Robertson

Lauren Robertson is a lifelong psychic medium with two decades professional experience amounting to 20,000 private sittings and public demonstrations globally.

She is known for her highly accurate and detailed evidential messages, compassionate delivery, and unique take on mediumship.

In 2015 Lauren graduated with honors from University of Glasgow where she studied English Literature and Philosophy, specializing in consciousness studies. She won the Year 2 prize for English and was awarded the Cross Trust bursary to work on a personal project which she developed into a book.

She is the author of The Medium in Manolos published by Hay House, and writes The Art & Science of Mediumship on Substack.

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