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Edinburgh Association of Spiritualists

Elizabeth Titterton is a medium at the sir arthur conan doyle centre

“Our Association is based in the West End near Haymarket and serves the City of Edinburgh and the Lothians. The Spiritualist religion and philosophy is based on seven founding principles and does not adhere to any fixed creed or dogma but celebrates the diversity of opinions of individuals by encouraging them to learn about and question our philosophy and way of life.”

Edinburgh Association of Spiritualists

The Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre is proud to share it’s home at 25 Palmerston Place with the Edinburgh Association of Spiritualists (affiliated to the SNU).

Edinburgh Association of Spiritualists has operated out of 25 Palmerston Place since the building was reopened in 2011 as a collaborative effort between the Church and the Centre. The Church hosts a variety of services, events and workshops aimed at anyone with a desire to learn more about Spiritualism. The Church’s current weekly programme follows the schedule detailed below:


  • 7:30pm – Awareness Class


  • 6pm – 7pm – Healing Service
  • 7:30pm  – 9pm – Lyceum (1st of the month)/Clairvoyance (2nd of the Month)


  • 11am – Divine Service
  • 12:45pm – Healing Service

Keep an eye out for events and workshops created in partnership with Edinburgh Association of Spiritualists.


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